Users displeased with PC call centers, says study

If you find PC call centers particularly painful to deal with, you're probably not alone. A new consumer satisfaction study by CFI Group has found that PC call centers have the lowest satisfaction rate (PDF) compared to call centers for six other industries. On the 100-point American Customer Satisfaction Index scale, banking call centers scored 77, cell phone service call centers scored 69, insurance call centers scored 68, and PC call centers were at the bottom of the list with a score of 64.

According to CFI Group's PC call center satisfaction report, the three main reasons PC call centers rate so low are as follows:

  • Nearly a quarter of the callers hang up with their issue still unresolved.
  • Customer service representatives (CSRs) receive low marks; they are perceived as difficult to understand and ineffective in solving problems; this is related to the frequency of offshoring in the PC industry.
  • The product itself is complex and the users may not be technologically savvy, magnifying communication issues.
  • Out of the 23% of users who hang up with their issue unresolved, only 33% will consider doing business with the same company again. As CFI Group points out, that means 15% of all customers who use call centers are likely to stop doing business with the same company. PC manufacturers "are at major risk from this poor service," CFI Group believes.
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