AMD's Puma platform goes under the microscope

The folks over at Ars Technica have put together a fairly in-depth article that takes a look at AMD's upcoming "Puma" mobile platform. Puma will combine Griffin, a new 65nm dual-core processor, with an RS780 north bridge chip and an SB700 south bridge chip. Griffin will be K8-based, but it will nonetheless borrow some elements from AMD's upcoming K10 architecture like HyperTransport 3.0 support and split power planes between the cores and memory controller/HT logic.

After a quick overview of the platform, the article focuses on Griffin's power saving features. Split power planes, in particular, should play a big part in increasing battery life, according to Ars. Not only will the two CPU cores throttle independently from each other, but they'll be able to both throttle even if the integrated GPU needs access to main memory. The article also looks at HyperFlash, AMD's riposte to Intel Turbo Memory flash caching technology. HyperFlash should similarly help decrease storage access times and reduce traffic to and from the hard drive.

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