Deal of the week: Big, wide monitors

Cyril has taken the day off, dangerously leaving me in charge of the Deal of the Week post. My chosen deal is a pair of wide-screen LCD monitors from Dell, the UltraSharp 2407WFP and the UltraSharp 3007WFP-HC. Neither of these monitors is currently selling for a discount or anything, but so what? Have you seen one of these things? This, people, is why God invented credit cards. Seriously, don't listen to us drone on about quad-core CPUs and the like and then sit there with a 20" window to the goodness, thinking you're all set. Gimme a Via C7 and 30 inches of LCD glory anyday!

The 2407WFP is a wide-aspect 24" display with 1920x1200 resolution for just over six hundred bucks. Worth every penny. And the 3007WFP's spacious 30" allows for over four megapixels of resolution, allowing you to see near-35mm-quality still photos right in front of your face. I've been using my 3007WFP to play back HD DVD movies, and they look great. They'd look even better if these wimpy HD movie formats weren't a fraction of its native resolution. The only full-motion content entities out there capable of pushing its native res are PC games, which is why I was up late last night playing Half-Life 2 on a Radeon HD 2900 XT CrossFire rig on this display (with 16X aniso and 8X wide-tent MSAA). It was like playing real life, only with a better crossbow.

Also, my 3007WFP lost a backlight recently, and Dell had a replacement on my doorstep the very next day, along with a prepaid return label for the old one. Killer service. Try getting that kind of response out of your typical monitor brand.

You know you need one of these monitors. That's the deal. And it's our deal of the week.

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