• NordicHardware overclocks Radeon HD 2900 XF CrossFire
    and GeForce 8800 Ultra SLI at DreamHack Summer 2007
  • DailyTech reports that Square Enix CEO says that Xbox 360 and PS3 are "over-engineered"
  • X-bit labs has an inteview with OCZ Technology: new PSU market strategy revealed
  • HotHardware covers Computex 2007: MSI, Asus, and VIA
  • techPowerUp! covers Computex 2007: Leadtek and NZXT
  • Mikhailtech has relaunched
  • Dan's Data writes of the land of wind, ghosts, and minimised Windows
  • GamingHeaven reviews Halo 2 (Vista) PC
  • 3dGameMan reviews Nexus Psile 10b black silent media PC
  • X-bit labs reviews Asus P5K
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