Intel isn't giving up on Itanium quite yet

Ronald already linked this in the Shortbread, but it could use a little extra coverage. As Ars Technica reports, Intel has made it clear during a recent conference call with the press that it isn't ready to let Itanium die anytime soon—massive x86-64 processor sales or not. Intel has a roadmap laid out for the next few iterations of Itanium, including Montevale, Tukwila, Poulson, and Kittson. Montevale is a tweaked version of the existing dual-core Montecito, while Tukwila—scheduled for next year—will bring a native quad-core design, an integrated memory controller, and support for Intel's CSI interconnect. Intel reportedly expects Tukwila to offer double the performance of Montecito with same power envelope.

Looking further ahead, Poulson will come out in 2010 and bring with it an overhauled version of the Itanium 2 architecture that first launched in 2002. This chip will be based on 32nm process technology, but Ars says Intel stayed mum regarding its design or specifications. The chipmaker was even quieter on the topic of Kittson, which has no stated features or official launch time frame. Intel's decision to name the chip does show the company has plans for Itanium even beyond 2010, though.

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