Apple bumps iPhone talk time, adds glass panel

With 11 days to go before the iPhone’s launch, Apple has announced that the device has been the subject of a few tweaks since its first showing in January. For one, Apple says the iPhone now allows for 24 hours of audio playback, eight hours of talk time, seven hours of video playback, and six hours of Internet use. When in standby, the iPhone can stay on for a whopping 250 hours—nearly ten and a half days. By contrast, the iPhone announced in January was said to allow for 16 hours of audio playback and just five hours of calls, video playback, or web browsing.

Along with souping up the battery life, Apple says it has traded the iPhone’s plastic cover for “optical-quality glass” that achieves a “superior level of scratch resistance and optical clarity.” The glass panel covers the entire front surface of the iPhone, including the 3.5″ touch-sensitive display.

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