Apple bumps iPhone talk time, adds glass panel

With 11 days to go before the iPhone’s launch, Apple has announced that the device has been the subject of a few tweaks since its first showing in January. For one, Apple says the iPhone now allows for 24 hours of audio playback, eight hours of talk time, seven hours of video playback, and six hours of Internet use. When in standby, the iPhone can stay on for a whopping 250 hours—nearly ten and a half days. By contrast, the iPhone announced in January was said to allow for 16 hours of audio playback and just five hours of calls, video playback, or web browsing.

Along with souping up the battery life, Apple says it has traded the iPhone’s plastic cover for “optical-quality glass” that achieves a “superior level of scratch resistance and optical clarity.” The glass panel covers the entire front surface of the iPhone, including the 3.5″ touch-sensitive display.

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    • Anomymous Gerbil
    • 14 years ago


      • wierdo
      • 14 years ago

      Too obvious to mention 😛

    • bdwilcox
    • 14 years ago

    If you put this in your pocket and sit down hard, do they take you to the iHospital?

    • Spotpuff
    • 14 years ago

    I’m wondering why all marketing material shows a phone seemingly immune to fingerprints.

    There is no way in hell a touchscreen device is going to stay that clean.

      • poulpy
      • 14 years ago

      That’s what I thought too when I saw Microsoft “Minority Report” Touch Screen Table tech demo. As cool as it seems those guys have packs of fingers on the table and keep rotating, drawing, enlarging pictures & co.
      It must get damn dirty in a record time, just think of your regular screen, or your new shiny mobile phone that have a hard time staying fingerprint-less but times a thousand 🙂
      And I’ll spare you for your own sake the idea of a pack of children using the table at once..

      • thecoldanddarkone
      • 14 years ago

      In order to keep your screen clean they recommend you wash your hands and then clean them with 99% iso alchohol, everytime you touch your phone. 😉

    • Snake
    • 14 years ago

    I’m worried about that “optical-quality glass” cover. What happens when you drop the phone? (which almost everyone does at one time or another)

    Crash-bang, goodbye iPhone?

      • Kent_dieGo
      • 14 years ago

      It sounds a lot better than plastic scratch wise and even breakage wise. I bet a replacment glass is not too expensive, like a watch crystal.

        • droopy1592
        • 14 years ago

        they’ll find a way to make it expensive if it’s from apple

      • LoneWolf15
      • 14 years ago

      AppleCare FTW. 😉

      • deathBOB
      • 14 years ago

      Sounds like the kind of glass you get on a watch.

      • magila
      • 14 years ago

      I’m kinda surprised they’d switch form plastic to glass for this reason. PDA’s have always been plagued by glass screen breakage and I can only imagine it’ll be worse with a phone.

        • moose17145
        • 14 years ago

        It will be… this is a stupid move (again) by Apple and this whole iPhone thing. One drop that hits the ground just right… and CRACK!! No more screen for your overpriced iPhone! Idk about the rest of you out there…. but my friends and I are HARD on our phones…. i mean DAMN hard at times. Last phone i had was built purely for durability (before the plan it cost almost 300 bucks, no camra, no nothing almost… just a pure simple VERY sturdy cell phone that could take one hell of a beating) … managed to break the screen on it. Current phone is military speced for shocked, virbation, dust, etc… hopefully the screen on this one doesn’t break. Plus lets look at the market for this thing… sure it will maybe sell to a few nerds like people here on TR…. but i am willing to be the largest group of people wanting this dumb thing are gonna be high schoolers… last time i checked… high schoolers do not treat cell phones with respect… they get tossed around, thrown across rooms, run through washing machines, sat on, etc… what do you think is gonna happen to a phone made of glass?

    • Shining Arcanine
    • 14 years ago

    Does anyone else wonder if Apple knew disclosed inferior specifications to make the iPhone’s actual specifications more impressive?

      • Lord.Blue
      • 14 years ago

      doubtful…they were more likely feeling pressured by the ‘me too’ devices that are on the horizon. They wanted to be able to differentiate themselves from their competition.

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