Mornin'. Hope you all had a fine Father's Day weekend. I got in some fishing, though not much actual catching, this weekend. Was nice to be out from in front of the keyboard, regardless.

Things tend to slow down on the web in the mid-June time frame, with students out of school and vacation time kicking in. For what it's worth, we haven't slowed down here at TR, but you may have missed some of what we've done if you haven't been watching. If you didn't see our WD Caviar SE16 750GB review on Friday, well, now's your chance to catch up. You may also want to check out Geoff's take on the Xbox 360 wireless racing wheel, his attempts to ruin a Corsair Survivor GT, and Cyril's photographic evidence of his bizarre, vampiric exploits. We have some additional, longer articles in the works, but several of them have hit snags in the past week or so. They should start appearing soon.

Also, this morning brings the debut of the new Shacknews and FileShack. Congrats to Steve and the crew for getting the new look online and for really hitting this one out of the park. It's always nice to see a long-time web presence with good content and a dated look turn the corner with a snazzy new design, new back-end tools, and a slick threaded discussion system.

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