RAIDfest I

Grabbing a few cheap drives and slapping 'em into a RAID array is going mainstream in a huge way, and the cheap, fast ATA-100 arrays are absolutely stunning. A couple of links for proof tonight. First up is the coolest idea for an article I've seen in a while (wish I'd though of it): a shootout at GamePC between ATA-100 RAID and the high-priced Ultra 160 SCSI RAID flavor. I've been a big proponent of ATA over SCSI for a while now, since it's cheaper and darn near as fast. But even I didn't really expect a pair of 7200 rpm ATA-100 IBM drives hold its own against an array of 10,000 rpm Quantum SCSI Ultra 160 drives. But, well, go see the results for yourself. There's now no question SCSI isn't worth the money 95% of the time. Heck, even in a lot of servers, in my view.
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