AT&T launches $10 ADSL service

Broadband providers typically strive to offer greater and greater amounts of bandwidth, but few seem interested in dramatically slashing broadband access costs. Few except for AT&T, which has now launched a broadband service that costs a scant $10 per month. This isn’t really a goodwill effort by the company, though. According to an AP report quoted by Yahoo News, the service is the result of concessions AT&T made to the FCC to get its acquisition of BellSouth approved, and AT&T isn’t going to any great pains to advertise the budget offering. The plan is reportedly hidden away on the company’s DSL residential service page behind the “Term contract plans” link.

Nonetheless, customers in AT&T’s 22-state service region can now sign up for the service, which requires a one-year contract, local phone service, and comes with a free modem. But as one might expect, users of the service won’t be breaking any speed records—Yahoo News quotes a maximum downstream of 768Kbps (96KB/s) and a maximum upstream of 128Kbps (16KB/s).

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