12% of laptops to have solid-state drives in 2009

Market research firm iSuppli has released a new PC shipment forecast report for 2007, and in it, the firm dedicates a section to an interesting discussion of trends in notebook storage. According to iSuppli, the penetration of SSDs in notebooks will reach 12%—just over one in every ten notebooks—by 2009. Meanwhile, the penetration of hybrid hard drives will reach a whopping 35% of the notebook market in the same year. iSuppli also expects Intel's new Turbo Memory flash caching technology to bring flash storage to a greater number of mobile systems, and overall the research firm believes 60% of notebooks will have some type of flash storage by the end of 2009.

iSuppli's report also covers raw PC shipment numbers, although those aren't quite as exciting. Shipments of notebooks are expected to grow more slowly this year than last (25.3% vs. 28.4%) while desktop PC shipments are projected to grow a little faster (3.9% vs. 0.8%). Total PC shipments should reach 264 million units this year, up 11.2% from last year.

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