TR Forum Tidings: The grand folding contest

Our Folding@Home team's top two folders are having a contest to see who can beat the other, and the stakes have recently gone up. The two contestants, who call themselves leor and drfish, have pooled their resources to acquire a Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor as well as an accompanying motherboard and memory. One will buy the processor, the other will buy the rest, and the hardware will go to whomever comes out on top once the dust settles.

Winning here isn't simply a matter of overclocking a little and switching on a couple of spare PCs to get extra folding points, though. Contestant drfish, for one, has enlisted the help of a full set of office machines powered by Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 processors to beat his opponent. Still, leor remains on top with a total of nearly 6,400,000 points, compared to around 6,360,000 for drfish.

Do you want to take bets on who will win, or do you think you could beat them both? Feel free to hit the thread to join the discussion. As always, you're welcome to fold for team 2630.

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