TF2 previewed again, in more detail

We've already seen a number of previews of Valve's eagerly anticipated team-based multiplayer shooter Team Fortress 2. However, our counterparts at Shacknews have now put together a three-page preview of the title that covers a good deal more ground than past articles from other sites. Shacknews managed to learn a few details about why Valve decided to scrap its original, more realistic design for the game. "It wasn't fun," says Valve's Robin Walker. The title ended up evolving during its development until it became closer to the original Team Fortress Classic, although this time Valve put the emphasis on making classes very different from one another.

Cross-platform gameplay between the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 is also covered in the preview. The Shack reports that Valve staff plays cross-platform games on a regular basis, but that the studio has no plans to implement this functionality in the final release. According to marketing director Doug Lombardi, cross-platform gameplay isn't worth the associated baggage. The preview adds that "if Valve ever decides to go that route it would be in a game designed for it from the start."

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