Microsoft to open up Vista search to competitors

As one might expect, the arrival of Windows Vista with its built-in instant file search system didn't have Google jumping for joy. The search giant complained to the U.S. Justice Department in April that Vista slowed down competing desktop search tools, such as Google's own Desktop application, thereby violating the terms of a 2002 settlement. Pressured by Google and antitrust regulators alike, Microsoft has decided to fold.

As Yahoo News reports, the company will give competitors the information they need to optimize their search tools for Vista, and it will also make room in the operating system for third-party search software. The ubiquitous search field in Vista's file manager windows will remain, but Microsoft will reportedly add a new link to the system's default search program. The changes are expected to be implemented in the first service pack for Vista, which is scheduled to come out before the end of this year.

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