Quake Wars will have in-game ads

The Enemy Territory: Quake Wars public beta is just about to kick off, but Splash Damage has decided to mention just one more thing before it starts dishing out beta keys. According to a blog post by Splash Damage managing director Neil Postlethwaite, Quake Wars will have in-game advertisements. Postlethwaite says the ads will help cover ongoing support for the game. They will appear in “select locations” and Splash Damage is reportedly taking great care to ensure all ads are non-intrusive and “appropriate for the game world.” Postlethwaite justifies the move further by adding, “In fact, there are some places it’s quite odd not to have an advertisement – the sides of container trucks, for example.”

That may all sound okay so far, but this next bit might leave a bad taste in some players’ mouths. “The company providing the ad system does not and will not store any personal information or data that otherwise can be used to identify you. All they track is if and how long you look at the advertisements.” In other words, the game will phone home anonymously to relay your ad viewing stats to the ad company.

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