AMD denies rumored plans to go fabless

We reported earlier this week that some analysts believed AMD could pull out of processor manufacturing as early as next year and rely entirely on third parties to make its chips. An AMD spokesman also suggested that AMD was looking to focus more on chip development and less on manufacturing, and that the firm could enter new manufacturing partnerships. AMD's German division has now made a statement to German IT new site that explicitly rules out any plans to pull out of manufacturing:
Dresden remains with respect to the most technologically demanding production of the most innovative products the cornerstone of AMD's processor manufacturing. In that nothing will change. Different reports are baseless and come completely of the "rumor kitchen." The same applies to corresponding analyst reports. To make it quite clear: At no moment did we express [a desire to] or think of forgoing our own factories.
Dresden, Germany is of course home to AMD's two fabrication plans—Fab 36 and the older Fab 30, which is being transformed into Fab 38. (Thanks to The Inquirer for the link.)
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