Poll: Do you play games on your PC or console(s)?

For our poll topic this week, we're looking at your gaming platform of choice. Being an enthusiast site, we expect most of our readers like to play games on their PCs, but many of them likely have at least a Wii tucked in their living rooms somewhere. Therein lies the question: do you play most of your games on a PC or console? Head over to our poll and cast your vote if you'd like to let us know.

Last week's poll topic was concerning the amount of memory on your graphics card. According to the results, the biggest portion of voters (44%) has a card with 256MB of memory. Other choices got less than half that many votes, with the 128MB option coming in second place with 16%, and the 512MB one ending up third with 15%. Interestingly, though, 18% of our voters appear to have GeForce 8800-series graphics cards: the 640MB, 768MB, and 320MB options got 7%, 6%, and 5% of the vote, respectively.

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