Has Connect3D gone belly-up?

Bankruptcy rumors are swirling around long-time ATI/AMD graphics card partner Connect3D. We received an e-mail yesterday from a reader who claimed to have been “desperately” trying to get in touch with the company for the past four months without success. Indeed, the firm’s U.S. website has been reduced to a domain parking page, and its U.S. phone number yields a “this number has been disconnected or is no longer in service” message. Efforts to contact PR staff were similarly unsuccessful. Calling Connect3D’s UK number (obtained via their international website) did get us in touch with a nice British lady from Connect Components, but she was unable to tell us anything about Connect3D other than that their U.S. office is supposedly having phone line troubles.

If it’s this hard to get in touch with the company, it’s probably no surprise that rumors have begun to churn. Word is going around deal sites that Connect3D has recently filed for bankruptcy, and a source at a major online retailer we contacted yesterday told us as much. We’re still waiting for responses to our inquiries from both the firm itself and AMD, but evidence certainly seems to point to Connect3D—at least its U.S. arm—having kicked the bucket.

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