First Vista Service Pack may face delays

Users waiting for Microsoft to release its first Service Pack for Windows Vista before adopting the new operating system may have to bide their time. According to Microsoft Watch, statements made by Microsoft in a court filing submitted by the U.S. Justice Department suggests Windows Vista Service Pack 1 may have been postponed until next year. The filing says SP1 will be available in beta form later this year, and Microsoft Watch claims early indications are that the final release won't be out until "some time in 2008." However, the recently announced search changes could postpone the release even further.

According to Endpoint Technologies Associates president Roger Kay, "Any delay in SP1 will delay commercial rollouts." Indeed, Microsoft Watch points out that some "high-profile Microsoft customers"—including Intel—plan to wait until SP1 before rolling out Vista. Kay believes that if SP1 comes out in the first quarter of 2008, early Vista deployments by such customers may only take place in the third quarter of 2008. (Thanks to The Inquirer for the link.)

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