Intel's Larrabee to come out in 2010

For the first time since rumors began to emerge that Intel was at work on its own graphics processor, the company has mentioned an official time frame for the project. Code-named Larrabee, Intel's upcoming chip is scheduled to come out in 2010 or possibly as early as 2009, Intel CTO Justin Rattner told reporters and analysts at Intel's headquarters in Santa Clara, California.

Intel classifies Larrabee as part of its Terascale project, which includes the 80-core proof-of-concept chip that was unveiled at IDF last fall. To help developers write code for Larrabee hardware, Intel has developed a new C-based programming model it calls Ct. According to InformationWeek, the model "deals with the complexity of parallelization" while allowing developers to "program as if they are writing applications for one core." The code is optimized to run across multiple cores at both compile time and run time. Intel researcher Mohan Rajagopalan told reporters a Ct preview would be released to the open-source community in the near future, and that Intel is "still working out the legal issues in making the whole project open source."

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