Deal of the week: OCZ's SD Dual flash card

To contrast with the large, expensive wide-screen displays we recommended in last week's deal post, we've decided to select one of OCZ's SD Dual flash cards for this week's post. The 2GB SD Dual model is on sale over at Newegg for just $22.69, a price competitive with that of many 2GB SD cards. But unlike other SD cards, the SD Dual doubles as a USB thumb drive. Pop off the bottom half of what looks like a perfectly normal SD card, and you reveal a USB plug that slips into any old USB port.

This feature seemed like somewhat of a gimmick until I actually got one of those cards along with many other swag items at Computex earlier this month. I popped it into my digital camera as I was running out of space on my other card, and quickly my camera's USB cable started falling into disuse. The card also came in handy when I had to get pictures of the previous night's exploits from an acquaintance—simply popping the card out of my camera and into his PC did the trick.

The only question mark with this product is the number of insertions the USB plug can take. However, since it's basically the same price as other SD cards, you have little to lose.

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