1. MadBoxPC makes new ATI Radeon HD 2350 discovery (in Spanish)
  2. Joystiq reports that StarCraft II will be playable at BlizzCon
  3. FiringSquad's Computex Invitational 2007 coverage
  4. TheTechLounge has Archos Generation 5 launch coverage
  5. Phoronix on Nvidia graphics: Linux vs. Solaris
  6. Tech ARP on why you should avoid Core 2 Duo engineering samples rev. 3.0
  7. bit-tech's episodic gaming op-ed
  8. Ask Dan's Data: $250 earphones for $37?! and can a $22 piece of plastic make your computer quieter?

  1. AnandTech reviews HP dv6500t: a "minivan" notebook
  2. bit-tech reviews Abit AirPace WiFi PCI-E card
  3. Benchmark Reviews shows how to overclock the Nvidia GeForce 8800 series
  4. bit-tech reviews ViewSonic VX2435wm 24" widescreen LCD
  5. techPowerUp! reviews Sunbeam 3D Storm case
  6. Benchmark Reviews on Antec P182 Performance One case
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