100MHz Celery expected in January

No, not the vegetable! Intel will finally begin shipping Celeron processors based on a 100MHz FSB in the first quater of 2001 according to this Register article. Here's a quote:

Leaked Intel documents seen by The Reg reveal that Celeron will finally move into the 1990s in 2001. The cheapo chip has been lumbered with a puny 66MHz front side bus ever since its inauspicious launch as the cacheless Covington in the latter years of the last century.

Ouch, that's got to hurt. According to The Register's article, the first desktop Celeron to sport the new bus speed will be a 800MHz processor. After the initial release all Celeron processors above 800MHz will be spec'd to run on a 100MHz FSB. The new Celeron processors will be supported by a revision of the i810 chipset, dubbed the i810e2. You can check out the rest of The Register's article here.

Update: This article is refering to the desktop version of the Celeron processor. As Dim so kindly pointed out, the mobile version of the Celeron has been at 100MHz FSB for some time now.

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