Samsung’s 64GB solid-state drive enters production

Samsung’s new SSD. Source: Samsung.

Samsung says its 1.8″ 64GB solid-state drive has now entered mass production. The Korean firm announced the drive around three months ago, boasting that it would feature a 64MB/s read speed and a write speed of 45MB/s. (For reference, the company quoted read and write speeds of 15MB/s and 7MB/s, respectively, for a conventional 80GB 1.8″ hard drive.)

To achieve its high storage density, which Samsung claims is the highest of any SSD on the market today, the new drive uses single-level cell flash memory chips based on 51nm process technology. Each chip packs 8Gb (1GB) of data, and there are 64 of them spread out inside the SSD.

According to Samsung, SSD sales “will increase at a rapid 270 percent pace industry-wide between now and 2010 to become the largest growth segment in the NAND flash industry.” The company also expects the use of 2.5″ and 3.5″ SSDs in notebooks and desktop PCs, respectively, to “gain a great deal of momentum” over the next three years.

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