Walt Mossberg reviews the iPhone

If you’re thinking of heading to an AT&T store and ponying up the $499 (or $599) for an iPhone on Friday, you should probably take a gander at this. Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal has had some private time with the iPhone and he’s relayed his experiences in his column.

In spite of his usually positive view of Apple products, Mossberg did notice a few quirks with the iPhone. For instance, he complains that there’s no way to cut and paste text, and that stopping music playback or changing songs while carrying out another task forces one to tap back to the device’s iPod program. Multi-touch input also requires users to switch to a different keyboard to insert commas or periods. Last, but not least, there’s no way to buy songs directly from the iPhone directly via the iTunes Store. Nonetheless, Mossberg points out that expectations for the iPhone are so high “it can’t possibly meet them all,” and he concludes that the device is “a whole new experience and a pleasure to use.”

As much a pleasure to use as it might be, the iPhone certainly won’t be cheap. Not only will users have to cough up $499 or $599 for the device itself, but as the AP reports, AT&T’s service plans for the iPhone will start at a hefty $59.99 a month. The base plan will include 450 minutes of talk time (which rolls over month-to-month), 200 text messages, and unlimited data services. There is also a $36 activation fee to get things up and running.

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