Intel didn't reveal Larrabee intro date after all?

Last week, we reported on an article by InformationWeek that said Intel's upcoming Larrabee graphics processor was part of the Terascale project. The report also quoted Intel CTO Justin Rattner as saying Larrabee would arrive in 2010, or possibly as early as 2009. Well, Jon Stokes from Ars Technica was over at the Research@Intel day along with the InformationWeek folks, and he has a different story to tell.

Stokes tells us Larrabee isn't part of the Terascale project and that Rattner "neither said nor implied" that Larrabee was the first Terascale product, as InformationWeek claims. More interestingly, Stokes adds that Rattner "did not say (nor did he imply, nor is it responsible to infer from his remarks)" that Larrabee would be out in 2010.

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