Flaming Copper Durons

There's a band name if ever I've heard one. The Har... err... [H]ardOCP pointed me to a short article at the Register talking about an interesting practice that's apparently going on in Taiwan. Shady vendors are selling Durons with copper interconnects.

The problem being, there aren't any Durons with copper interconnects, at least not at this point. One way that potential consumers try to tell a chip with copper interconnects from one without (though I'm not sure if this is an accurate litmus test) is by the color of the core. No problem— the sneaky retailers are apparently powering up the Durons without a heatsink for a few seconds, causing the core to change color. <shudder>

If this is true, no telling what damage those lovely color changing seconds are doing to the long-term (or even immediate-term) life of the chip. Hopefully there's only a small percentage of people who know to look for a certain color but don't know there aren't copper Durons.

Great, now I'm gonna have nightmares of being branded by Red Hot Durons From Hell. Hey, another band name!

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