Poll: Your minimum warranty length

As you might have noticed, we've got a new poll up. This time, we're quizzing you guys about the minimum warranty length you consider adequate for a PC component. With lifetime warranties common on some products and hard drive makers like Seagate offering five-year warranties on consumer hard drives, have you taken to shunning shorter warranties on principle? Or are your pockets deep enough that you just don't care if a component fails, preferring instead to replace it with a newer, shinier one? Feel free to head over and cast your vote to let us know where you stand.

Last week's poll topic was, "Do you play more games on a PC or console?" We were expecting PC gaming to have a lead, and indeed it does—80% of voters prefer to game on their PCs, compared to a teeny 13% (one in eight readers) who side with their consoles. There's also a non-negligible portion of our readership who don't play games at all. Those folks accounted for 6% of our 2569 votes.

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