AMD says Barcelona will start shipping in August

We’ve heard pleanty of rumors and speculation about the launch of AMD’s upcoming “Barcelona” Opterons for months, but now the chipmaker has released some specifics regarding the Barcelona launch schedule and what users can expect out of initial chips.

AMD says it will begin shipping Barcelona processors for revenue in August, and that Barcelona-based systems from AMD platform partners will start shipping in September. However, AMD specifies that chips available at launch will only run as fast as 2GHz. The new K10 architecture should allow for higher performance per clock cycle and per core than existing K8-based Opterons, but 2GHz may still be a little tight in the face of Intel’s 3GHz quad-core Xeons. AMD doesn’t expect faster Barcelona models to come out before the fourth quarter of this year.

On the upside, Barcelona chips that will roll out this summer will be available in both standard and low-power flavors. AMD says that’ll be the first time it introduces both regular and energy efficient parts in a new processor launch.

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