‘FASN8’ platform delayed until next year?

Along with revealing the name of its upcoming desktop K10 processors—Phenom—last month, AMD announced a new enthusiast platform dubbed FASN8. The name is pronounced “fascinate”, and the platform will include AMD processors, Radeon HD 2000-series graphics cards, and a “next-generation, high-performance chipset, due in the second half of 2007.” FASN8 will be the first all-AMD enthusiast platform, according to AMD.

You may not want to get your credit card ready just yet, though. Quoting “sources familiar with the plans of AMD,” X-bit labs reports that the FASN8 platform’s launch has been pushed back to next year. X-bit labs says the move is due to the delay of AMD’s Quad FX-capable Phenom FX-90 and FX-91 processors, which it claims are now scheduled for the first quarter of 2008. That report coincides with rumors we heard last week that said AMD would only introduce four Phenom chips this year, and that all four chips would be for single-socket systems.

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    • Deli
    • 13 years ago

    Believe me or not, I am a good friend of the store manager of one the more popular computer stores in Vancouver, BC. I just chat it up with him yesterday over various of things but when we talked about Barcelona I told him it sucked about Phenom may be delayed till Q1. My friend said that he actually spoke to the AMD rep the day before and they are very sure that the Phenom will be launched exactly one month after Barcelona (Sept 10 for Barcelona). Now, that’s what I heard, I don’t know if the AMD rep was just trying to make things look good, but my friend knows the rep well enough. But who knows, I just thought I might throw this out there.

    • willyolio
    • 13 years ago

    is this platform going to be offered as some kind of discount package? i don’t see anything that would increase performance in particular… or will we be paying more to have a silly name and an extra sticker on our computers?

    • MadManOriginal
    • 13 years ago

    I’d really like to see an in-house chipset on the AMD side that performs well and can compete with NVs offerings, although of course this dual-socket FASN8 was of no interest. Hopefully the integration of ATi chipsets will help this along.

    • wilreichert
    • 13 years ago

    I shoulda had a V8

    Wait. What are we talking about here?

      • [+Duracell-]
      • 13 years ago

      Car engines, obviously

    • Furen
    • 13 years ago

    Next year… well, at least that gives AMD time to refresh its rather-underwhelming graphics lineup, too.

    • UberGerbil
    • 13 years ago

    With that name they should just kill it and hope everybody forgets about it asap.

    • Shinare
    • 13 years ago

    FASN8 …

    sounds like something that would be on some hot chick’s license plate in a topless jeep wrangler.

      • lex-ington
      • 13 years ago

      Hopefully that Jeep wrangler is new outfit. 😉

      • derFunkenstein
      • 13 years ago

      I read that as “topless in a Jeep Wrangler”…which would not be bad either.

      • BobbinThreadbare
      • 13 years ago


      usually it’s ugly girls that get custom plates like that.

    • melvz90
    • 13 years ago

    as usual… AMD…. stands for “Always Making Delays” 🙂

      • pdjblum
      • 13 years ago

      I have been saying amd stands for “another month’s delay” for some time now in numerous posts. Finally someone else is taking notice.

        • flip-mode
        • 13 years ago

        Angry Monkey Diatribe?

    • Lord.Blue
    • 13 years ago

    guess I’ll be waiting till 2008 now.

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