Friday night topic: The EU-US relation's future

The last month and a half have been marked by dramatic change of leadership in the European Union. First, last month, Nicolas Sarkozy replaced Jacques Chirac as President of the French Republic. Then two days ago, Tony Blair stepped down as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, leaving his place to Gordon Brown.

In France, Sarkozy is generally viewed as having a more U.S.-friendly attitude than his predecessor. He generated controversy last September before the election by shaking George W. Bush's hand and saying, "Never again should we let our disagreements turn into our crisis." On the other hand, Gordon Brown is unlikely to be as fervently pro-U.S. as his predecessor, and he has already expressed plans to pull British troops out of Iraq.

With that in mind, where do you think the future of the E.U.-U.S. relationship lies? Are these changes good or bad for the E.U., the U.S., the world, and why? Discuss.

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