Phenom delayed until 2008, sources claim

Judging by the latest rumors we're hearing, things are going from bad to worse for AMD. We were told at Computex that the company's first Phenom processors wouldn't appear until November or December, and other sources later reported that only four Phenom chips would hit stores before the end of the year. Now, DigiTimes says AMD may push the Phenom launch out of this year entirely.

Anonymous sources at motherboard manufacturers tell the site AMD wants time to tweak its process technology. The goal is to improve both yields and clock speeds so the Phenom line has a better shot against Intel's 45nm Penryn processor family. As a result, DigiTimes' sources claim AMD has already told several motherboard manufacturers the Phenom launch will now take place in the first quarter of 2008, with test production to kick off in November or December of this year. This move is reportedly definite enough to have caused several board makers to change their shipment plans to include fewer Phenom-ready "Socket AM2+" motherboards and more Intel mobos.

The picture isn't any brighter on the server front. Last week, AMD publicly announced that server and workstation users would have to wait until the fourth quarter of this year for "Barcelona" Opterons clocked higher than 2GHz. One of our sources also tells us those Barcelonas coming in September will be available in "very limited quantities" until November.

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