Upcoming MacBooks to have multi-touch features?

We already know Microsoft is working on bringing the multi-touch technology from its recently announced Surface interactive table to notebooks. Now it looks like Apple may be working to carry multi-touch tech over from the iPhone to its MacBook laptops. At least, that's what the folks at CrunchGear say they've heard from a "trusted source." Unlike the Microsoft effort, though, Apple's attempt will reportedly not extend to the MacBooks' display. It will simply allow users to ape the iPhone's control scheme using the MacBook touch pad. For instance, zooming in and out in a photo viewing program would presumably involve the same pinching motions as on the iPhone.

CrunchGear's source claims MacBooks with multi-touch, er, touch pads will come out in October. The machines are expected to be manufactured using new materials and to be significantly thinner than existing models.

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