Apple's new iPhone stripped bare

As you're probably aware, Apple's iPhone finally launched last Friday amidst a massive media campaign and long lines at Apple Stores all over the country. One of the 525,000 devices sold was unfortunate enough to land in the hands of Anand Lal Shimpi from Anandtech, who immediately took the device apart in order to give us all a glimpse of its innards.

The iPhone's irreversible destruction is documented in detail with plenty of pictures, revealing how the device's components are set up. The iPhone is apparently powered by a Samsung-built ARM processor, which Anand says is either a model S3C6400 or S3C2460. The iPhone's flash memory storage is provided by Samsung, as well—Anand's $499 model has a K9HBG08U1M chip, which according to this page has 3.77GB of actual storage space and respective sequential read and write speeds of 12MB/s and 3.7MB/s. Anand also took apart the iPhone's display, although it's hard to make out exactly which of the delicate-looking translucent layers would do what in an unspoiled iPhone.

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