Russian government shuts down AllOfMP3

Late last year, we learned that shutting down AllOfMP3 had become a term of Russia's entry in the World Trade Organization. The allegedly illegal music store was later sued by the Recording Industry Association of America, although little appeared to transpire after the initial lawsuit announcement. Well, TorrentFreak now reports that the death knell has sounded at last for AllOfMP3. "AllOfMp3, the popular online music store, has been shut down by the Russian government," the site simply says. Indeed, although the domain resolves, attempting to access results in a connection timeout error.

That said, TorrentFreak suggests the move may do little to thwart users prepared to give Russian sites their credit card numbers in exchange for suspiciously cheap music. A similar service dubbed Mp3Sparks was started by the same company as AllOfMP3 around a different business model, and TorrentFreak suspects many former AllOfMP3 customers will migrate to that service.

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