Super Talent unveils high-density, high-speed DDR3

Memory maker Super Talent has unveiled a trio of new DDR3 memory offerings that feature higher speeds and greater densities. The flagship is the new W1600UX2G7 memory kit, which packs two 1GB modules rated for a speedy 1600MHz with timings of 7-7-7-18 at 1.8V. Super Talent also has a similar W1600UX2G9 kit with slightly looser 9-9-9-21 latencies, also at 1.8V.

Last, but not least is Super Talent's W1333UB2G8 module. This one is rated for operation at 1333MHz with 8-8-8-18 timings at 1.8V—nothing out of the ordinary there, but the module's 2GB density should allow users to make the most of the 8GB maximum memory capacity of new P35-based motherboards.

Official pricing for the W1600UX2G7 and W1600UX2G9 kits is $648 and $598, respectively. The lone W1333UB2G8 module should retail for $417, so users looking to pair those up will have to cough up a hefty $834 for the privilege.

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