Veracity of early Barcelona numbers questioned

Two days ago, we reported on an article by The Inquirer that quoted purported SPECint_rate2006 and SPECfp_rate2006 performance numbers for 2.3GHz "Barcelona" Opteron. Well, the folks over at DailyTech apparently take issue with those numbers. They claim the numbers are actually based on simulated AMD numbers for a Barcelona processor clocked at not 2.3GHz but 2.6GHz. As proof, DailyTech has posted an AMD slide dated February 2007 that indeed show the exact same results as The Inq. Under each benchmark, a footnote on the slide explicitly states, "Estimated performance @2.6GHz based on internal AMD simulations." In other words, the numbers may not accurately represent how a 2.6GHz Barcelona chip—let alone a 2.3GHz one—compares against a Xeon 5335.
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