OLPC XO laptop price to sink to $50

The One Laptop Per Child’s XO notebook—previously known as the “$100 laptop”—is scheduled to enter mass production in September and to launch with a price tag around $150. The plan is to drop the machine’s price to the target $100 figure some time in 2008, but now DigiTimes says the OLPC folks have another drastic price cut planned for the following year. The site quotes OLPC founding CTO Mary Lou Jepsen as saying the price of the XO notebook will sink to a puny $50 in 2009.

People behind the OLPC project expect to ship one million notebooks by the end of the year and 3-5 million by September 2008. In the second year, shipments “should further pick up to 150 million.” It’s not clear yet whether the OLPC project plans to commercialize the notebook in industrialized countries, but OLPC founder Nicholas Negroponte stated earlier this year that “many commercial ventures have been considered and proposed that may surface in 2008 or beyond.”

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