Hardspell.com finds it hard to spell 'honest work'

We received a nice email recently informing us that Hardspell.com had published an article testing CPU performance 16 different ways. That sounded promising, but it turns out their article titled 16 kinds of CPU performances [sic] test is nothing more than a copy of our own article, Weighing the value of today's processors. They've just ripped the results from TR wholesale. Hardspell.com did not seek, nor did they receive, permission from us to republish our article. They didn't even credit us in their article, saying only: "Currently, somebody tested 16 kinds of mainstream processor and gave out the performances data/Dollar."

That's just lame. The results in that article represent many hours of work by multiple TR editors, and they are copyrighted by us.

We have contacted Hardspell.com and requested that they remove the article immediately and completely, but have yet to receive a reply.

Update: Hardspell has apologized and removed the article from its servers. Thanks to those guys for finally doing the right thing.

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