Apple mulls multi-touch mouse

We heard earlier this week that Apple was planning to introduce notebooks with touch pads featuring an implementation of the multi-touch technology found on the iPhone. The touch pads will presumably allow users to do things like make pinching motions to zoom in a photo viewing program. If MacRumors is to be believed, though, MacBooks may not be the only Apple computers to inherit the technology. The site points to an Apple patent application that suggests the iPod maker intends to implement multi-touch tech in its next-generation mice.

Instead of having a scroll wheel (or a scroll ball, like current Apple mice), multi-touch mice described by the patent would have their entire top surface act as a multi-touch zone. Users would be able to make those same pinching motions by simply moving their fingers across the surface of the mouse. It would also be possible to configure gestures to open specific programs or "do any particular action" via the mouse's preference panel.

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