Poll: Which system guide build would you buy?

We've at long last published a new system guide with up-to-date recommendations, and we've decided to put up a matching poll for the occasion. The topic of the poll is simple: assuming you were going to upgrade in the very near future, which one of our four recommended builds would you go with? Is the $538 Econobox enough for your needs? Would you be happier putting down a grand to get our Grand Experiment and its speedier processor and graphics card? Can you justify dropping $3,000 on the Double-Stuff Workstation? Head over to the poll and take your pick.

Last week's poll topic was, "What's your minimum warranty length for a PC component?" Just over a third of our voters (34%) try to pick components with three-year warranties, while 29% are fine with a single year of coverage, and 11% take the middle ground and feel more comfortable with two-year warranties. The remainder is made up of just 4% of folks who favor five-year warranties and a substantial 22% who just don't care.

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