VIA to focus on chipsets for its own processors

For months now, VIA's ability to renew its license to produce chipsets for Intel processors has been in jeopardy. Intel was said to have used the license as a bargaining chip in an attempt to pressure the Taiwanese firm to stop producing x86 processors, although VIA itself never owned up to any problems and appeared to continue development of new chipsets for Intel processors.

According to DigiTimes, the license issue is still not settled and VIA has decided to shift focus from chipsets for third-party processors to chipsets for its own C7 line of CPUs. The company will invest more resources in platforms for "multimedia control, commercial embedded (thin clients, industrial PCs and point of sale terminals), home multimedia and mobile embedded (ultra-mobile devices, set-top boxes, LCD TVs and car electronics)" systems, DigiTimes' sources claim. VIA's existing license to make chipsets for Intel CPUs expires on April 7, 2008, so the move might forebode an eventual pullout from the Intel chipset world.

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