Sony drops PlayStation 3 price by $100

The rumors we heard last week have been confirmed. As Shacknews explains, Sony has announced plans to cut the price of its 60GB PlayStation 3 console by $100, giving it the same $499 price tag as the now-defunct 20GB PS3. Interestingly, Sony has also announced a new high-end PS3 model at $599. This new console will have an 80GB hard drive and will include a copy of the game Motorstorm by Evolution Studios. The price cut is scheduled to take effect in August, and the retail launch of the 80GB PS3 will happen then, as well.

Sony introduced the 80GB PS3 in South Korea last month, claiming that the prevalence of gaming and broadband connections in the country justified the need for higher storage capacities. Nonetheless, the company told the Associated Press back in May that the 80GB console was being "considered" for the U.S. and other markets.

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