The state of Intel

Intel's recent travails are chronicled in this article from PC World. They cover the i820/Rambus fiasco, which allowed competitors like VIA and AMD to increase their market share at Intel's expense. Rambus memory has come down in price, but will continue to cost 2 1/2 times more than SDRAM. Intel remains vulnerable to other competitors who are more nimble and quicker to market. It is somewhat ironic to think that VIA, with their DDR offering, may help prolong the life of the Pentium III. Personally, I hope Intel gets their act together and soon. Competition is salutary for all.

Prosperity does not seem good for everyone, as John Dvorak, in a rather cantakerous article, blasts both Intel's and AMD's ego-driven gigglehurts race. Lots of gossipy stuff in there about Andy Grove and Jerry Sanders. Is AMD really a copycat company who is surprised to be in the lead in the megahertz race? Take a look at AMD's roadmap over at PC Watch. Dvorak may even make Ashok Kumar sound bullish on AMD. Fun stuff over coffee and croissants.

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