TR Forum Tidings: Your monitor setup

For our tidings post this week, we've selected this thread by TR forum dweller 2_tyma. The thread is entitled, "Post your monitor," and its premise isn't so much discussion as simply comparing the display setups of those who roam the forums. The thread already has nearly 40 replies, and so far Dell, Samsung, Acer, and ViewSonic appear to be among the top choices for TR forum gerbils. For instance, one of the gerbils (who took the trouble of posting a picture of his setup) has one 30" Dell 3007WFP surrounded by two 20" 2001FP monitors. Most others only have a single display, and wide-screen monitors like the 3007WFP seem to be quite common.

What about you, what kind of display(s) do you have sitting on your desk? Are you still stuck with a CRT, or have you upgraded to a shiny wide-screen LCD? Feel free to head over to 2_tyma's thread and contribute if you feel like boasting. Don't forget to register a forum account first if you don't already have one.

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