Gears of War PC confirmed

The rumors were true. Shacknews reports that Epic Games lead designer Cliff Bleszinski demonstrated the PC version of Xbox 360 hit Gears of War at Microsoft's E3 event yesterday. The game will be hitting PCs at some undisclosed time this year, and unlike Halo 2, it will support both Windows XP and Windows Vista. It won't be a straight port, either. Shacknews says PC gamers will get a number of extra goodies, including five new chapters, an extra multiplayer mode, new maps, new achievements, and a game editor—presumably the latest flavor of UnrealEd.

Assuming the game isn't delayed, it'll have taken at most a year and two months to make it from the Xbox 360 to the PC. For reference, Halo 2 came out for the original Xbox in November 2004 and didn't hit PCs until late May 2007—two and a half years later. Unreal Tournament 3 is also scheduled to hit stores before the end of the year.

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