Firefox 3.0 to kick anti-phishing up a notch

The guys at Ars Technica have an interesting story regarding some of the new anti-phishing features we can expect to see in the next major release of Firefox. Both Firefox 2.0 and Internet Explorer 7.0 already have fairly extensive anti-phishing functionality, but Ars says Firefox 3.0 will take those measures one step further by formatting the address bar so it’s more obvious which website the user is visiting.

In essence, the browser will incorporate the Locationbar² add-on, which highlights the domain in the address bar. For example, on a “spoof” site like, the browser would highlight the “” part and grey out the rest of the address. Firefox 3.0 will also include a domain translator to decode addresses encoded in non-standard ASCII, again making it clearer which site or page users are actually viewing. These changes could be effective, but as Ars points out, they will still require that the user understand the way web addresses work.

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