60GB PS3 to meet an untimely demise, too

Sony dropped the price of its 60GB PlayStation 3 console from $599 to $499 last week, but according to the Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president David Reeves, that cut will be short-lived. Reeves told GamesIndustry in an interview that the 60GB PS3 will disappear from the North American market as the new $599, 80GB model rolls out.

The new $599 PS3 is scheduled to hit stores in August, and Reeves says 60GB consoles "will all be gone by the end of July." When asked by GamesIndustry if that meant the end of the 60GB unit, Reeves replied simply, "In America, yes." In other words, the 60GB PS3 looks set to meet the same fate as its 20GB sibling did back in April. It is worth pointing out that Reeves doesn't work for Sony Computer Entertainment America, though, so his statement may not reflect official SCEA policy. (Thanks to Shacknews for the tip.)

Update: SCEA spokesman Dave Karraker has told the folks at Joystiq that the $499 PS3 won't be disappearing after all. "As announced this week, SCEA's product offering in North America consists of a 80GB PS3 available in August at $599 and a 60GB PS3 available now for $499. We have will have ample supplies of both models to meet the needs of our consumers for the foreseeable future," Karraker tells the site.

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