Intel joins the OLPC foundation

In other low-cost notebook news, BBC News reports that Intel and the OLPC foundation have joined forces. The move is a drastic change of direction for Intel, which OLPC founder Nicholas Negroponte has in the past accused of attempting to undermine the OLPC foundation's effort. Indeed, Intel competes with OLPC with its own Classmate PC notebook, which Negroponte says Intel is selling below cost in order to take market share from the OLPC project's XO notebook in the developing world.

As BBC News explains, Intel has now joined the OLPC board. Intel's Will Swope told the site, "What happened in the past has happened." He added, "But going forward, this allows the two organisations to go do a better job and have a better impact for what we are both very eager to do, which is help kids around the world." The OLPC board already includes 11 companies including Google, Red Hat, and AMD. In fact, Intel's move is doubly interesting considering the OLPC XO notebook is powered by an AMD Geode processor. BBC News says there are no plans to switch to Intel hardware in the immediate future, although the servers used to back up XO laptops will be Intel-powered. (Thanks to TR reader Mark for the tip.)

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