$499 PlayStation 3 is a goner after all

Last Friday, we heard conflicting reports regarding the fate of Sony's 60GB PlayStation 3, which recently dropped in price to $499. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president David Reeves told GamesIndustry that 60GB consoles would disappear from store shelves forever by the end of the month, but a spokesman for Sony Computer Entertainment America later disavowed that statement in a message to the folks at Joystiq.

Well, Joystiq has now received a clarified statement from the same spokesman that confirms the $499 console's upcoming disappearance. The new statement reads, "The 60GB PS3 will be available in North America for $499 until supplies of that unit are depleted. We have ample inventory to meet the immediate needs of consumers in this territory for several months to come." In other words, the $499 PS3 may not disappear by the end of the month as Reeves stated, but don't expect it to stick around until it's time to do your Christmas shopping.

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