id Tech 5 development is more console-focused

id Software lead designer Tim Willits sat down with IGN for an interview about id's upcoming projects, and in the process, he dropped a few tidbits about id's next in-house game as well as the engine that powers it—id Tech 5. According to Willits, the game is being developed simultaneously for the PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, and as a result, there's a much greater emphasis on consoles than with id's previous titles:
We're so PC centric that it's actually been a little bit of a struggle wrapping our minds around a 360 to the point where I installed 360 controllers on everyone's PC. If I see them testing the new game with a keyboard and mouse I have to smack them on the back of the head. But now we work so much with the controller that when I go back to the keyboard and mouse I forget which buttons do what. . . . But yeah, for us it's been a bit of a struggle to think about being a console developer because we've been PC focused for so long.
Willits also mentions that id's next game may not be as much of a showcase for new technology as Doom 3 and the Quake series:
That's a pretty good question because historically having John Carmack around we're very technology focused but because we want the game to be on PC, PS3, and 360 we end up really needing to focus on the design elements of that because it's not being written only for the PC. . . . So historically we pushed the PC video card technology to the limit but because we're not doing that it's really more gameplay focused and the technology is about getting it to work on all of them.
Last, but not least, Willits mentions that id Tech 5 is not designed solely for first-person games. "So we're never going to stray too far from the first-person shooters but we have other elements in [id's next game] that aren't first-person," he explains. Thanks to Beyond3D for the tip.
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